From Italy to Idaho: Artisanal cheesemaking in the modern era

Story by Katy Stewart

Photo by Guy Hand.

I was served a surprisingly graphic example of Old World food culture on a research trip to Calabria, Italy. One afternoon, I found myself face to face with the cooked head of a sheep that my hosts Maria and Alfredo Barletta had placed on the table. As the sheep’s clouded eyes stared up at me, the Barlettas explained how to pick the … Read More

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Little Kitchen Pastries

Take a walk down Main Street in Meridian and you’ll pick up the sweet scent of Little Kitchen Pastries—a delightful, made-from-scratch bakery owned by John and Kay Fernandes.

Little Kitchen Pastries started as a small home operation, but each new piece of baking equipment the Fernandes’ added seemed to overtake the kitchen until it felt smaller and smaller. Soon, the duo’s stand at the Eagle Saturday Market wasn’t enough to … Read More

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North Idaho Cooks: Restaurant and garden add flavor to education

Sitting in Emery’s Restaurant in the Hedlund Building at North Idaho College (NIC), the view of the beach along Lake Coeur d’Alene is exquisite. This little-known eatery is completely operated by the students of NIC’s Culinary Arts Program, and is open for lunch during the fall and spring semesters, as well as for a few holiday and event dinners.

In 2014, Emery’s garnered the distinction of being the only North … Read More

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Low Tech/High Tech: Fairfield farmers use LEDs to cultivate greens indoors

Photo by Paulette Phlipot.

“Here, try this,” said Jamon Frostenson, holding out a piece of organic arugula freshly plucked from the soil. The little leaf hits the palate with an eye-popping warmth so sinus-clearing that it tasted more like horseradish than a salad green.

“It has a serious bite,” said Frostenson, co-owner of Fairfield-based Loganics produce company. The arugula variety is known as “Wasabi,” and it’s one of 40 organic … Read More

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