Got Raw Milk?

Photo by Paulette Philipot.

Cleopatra thought milk was so good for the skin she famously bathed in it. And thanks to milk’s inherent calcium, vitamins, minerals, probiotic bacteria and host of enzymes, it has been a valued food staple for centuries.

Yet, the topic of milk can be surprisingly complicated and contentious. At the center of the debate are the merits of raw milk versus pasteurized milk—a controlled heating process … Read More

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The Craft of Crust: Acme Bakeshop Takes on the Treasure Valley

Photo by Guy Hand.

Entering the Acme Bakeshop through an unassuming door in a Garden City warehouse lineup, every cliché I’d ever heard to describe that experience walloped me over the head. That smell—yeasty, warm, humid—it was like coming home, like walking into a womb. Bread is of us, somewhere deep and undeniable. It made me want to curl up on the concrete floor with a blanket and take a … Read More

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Cornapolooza: The Wonder of Corn Mazes

Photos courtesy of Jim Lowe.

Amused by lofty royals challenging themselves to find their way out, European palace gardeners created confusing mazes of stone or hedge. The royals loved the puzzle of it which naturally spread to the commoners. Mazes became prominent in public parks. Contemplative labyrinths on church grounds were believed to calm the soul during life’s transitions with the idea that once the center was found , the … Read More

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Changes Afoot in Hops

Photo by Guy Hand.

The hop fields of Wilder are being turned upside down. Two men stand in the bed of a truck and hang long 20-foot plants upside down on overhead hooks. Swags of leaves and lighter-green flower clusters fly above me. A wrist flick sends another up a metal track to join the parade to the top of a green metal-clad building that rumbles with inner machinery. There, … Read More

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