Culture Club: The Making of a Cheese Group

Photo by Guy Hand.

While some friends get together to discuss the lyricism of the latest Anthony Doerr novel or get a little worked up about that new political biography, my girlfriends and I meet regularly, not over books, but over steaming pots of milk and instant read thermometers. We’ve got what I’m going to call a cheesemaking club. It may be messier than your average book club, but there’s … Read More

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ST(r)EAM Coffee & Tea Bike

After a 25 year hiatus, Jodi Eichelberger has returned to the Treasure Valley to embrace a slower pace of life. I’m not just talking about the difference between living in Brooklyn where he’s spent the last 10 years, and that of Boise, but also the switch from being an actor to his new endeavor, ST(r)EAM Coffee & Tea Bike.

While the bike was custom built in Portland, everything else about … Read More

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Lawns and Lagers: Crooked Fence Launches Estate-Style Brewery

Photo by Laurie Pearman.

“This was used as a wine production area,” said Crooked Fence co-owner Kelly Knopp, pulling open a creaky, castle-ish door to reveal a cool, dark room dotted with wine-stained barrels. “There’s still a lot of wine stuff here, we’re just kind of playing nice with the guy we bought it from. We’re not going to be able to move our brewery out here until winter.”

Knopp … Read More

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Mold and Fruit Flies: A Canning Romance

They’re staring at me. Precarious piles of overripe red fruits oozing rivulets of juice across the counter, pooling at the edge until they reach a critical mass and the river becomes a waterfall, plummeting over the edge onto the kitchen floor.

It’s hot. Damn hot. And instead of lounging in the shade of a tree, I’m still in this damn kitchen, sweating over the steam bath of large canning pots. … Read More

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