Idaho Finds: BuckSnort Craft-Brewed Soda

Kainoa Lopez remembers visiting the old barn on Oahu where his great-grandfather made fresh, tropical fruit sodas. His family sold the soda company before Kainoa was old enough to remember the brewing process, but he fondly remembers the abandoned equipment and dusty old bottles. In 2009, he began brewing natural sodas using fresh, seasonal and often local ingredients. Hawaiian names didn’t seem to fit for an Idaho-based company, so he … Read More

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How the Oldest Hardware Store in Twin Falls Became A Cook’s Paradise

For a food lover, walking into Rudy’s on Main Avenue in Twin Falls is nearly a religious experience. And for a cook living in a remote location in the midst of Central Idaho, with nary a kitchen supply store within a hundred miles, it’s somewhat akin to visiting the Holy Land. The store has open rafters and an airy feel, walls lined with every kitchen implement and appliance an amateur … Read More

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Q & A with Mark Bittman

The Minimalist himself, Mark Bittman — food writer, author, recipe developer and passionate advocate for real food — made his first visit to Sun Valley in March as part of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts 2013-2014 lecture series.

Bittman became a household name in 1997, with the start of The Minimalist column for The New York Times. The goal of the column was to make home cooking … Read More

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Passion in Every Pint

“I arrived from Seattle with just $30 in my pocket and a pet rabbit,” says Toni Bogue, founder and operator of Toni’s Sun Valley Ice Cream Co., Immediately enamored by her surroundings, Bogue resolved to find a way to make a living in the Wood River Valley. “I never wanted to leave,” she says.

Bogue started on the path that would lead to her ice cream business during her early … Read More

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