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The Modern

Photo by Guy Hand.

If ever I needed a reminder that Boise’s food scene is getting progressively better, it’s a recent bite of The Modern Hotel and Bar’s potato salad. Okay, it was a fingerling potato salad with arugula and house-made pancetta, but a potato salad nonetheless—and it induced the eye-rolls and involuntary sighs of a much fancier dish. There was something intuitively right about it, something subtle and just … Read More

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State & Lemp

Photo by Guy Hand

The young staff of State & Lemp has crowded around the honey-colored communal table that dominates their long, narrow dining room, forks in hand. Afternoon light streams in through a bank of frosted windows, glancing off glassware and cutlery, making the room sparkle. But today these six staff members are focused on a single white plate set in the center of that table. Today is the … Read More

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The Strawberry Lady: Jo Ann Smith’s Sweet Berry Patch

Dawn is still another cup of coffee away when Jo Anne Smith walks the short distance from her house to the strawberry patch. You can barely make out the rows of plants, let alone the fruit hiding beneath them, but Smith and her small crew are ready to begin picking as soon as they see red.

Red means ripe berries and Smith, owner of Smith’s Berry Farm near Payette, only … Read More

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Photo by Guy Hand

A Really Fun Farm Field Trip

Photo by Guy Hand

Filming a small army of 5th graders wouldn’t normally be my first choice as a way to spend a warm fall day. What the adult organizers called a Conservation Field Day on Tuesday, September 17th, I imagined would be a little to much elementary school chaos.

Yet from the moment the gates at Peaceful Belly Farm near Boise swung open and some 270 students from five … Read More

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