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A New Life for Old Seed: Building a Market for Ancient Grains

Photo by Bob Vestal.

Glorious, golden grain is waving again over much of Idaho this fall. Of the 50 states, Idaho is number six in wheat production, number three in barley. But one class of grains is barely present, despite growing demand across the U.S.

Popularly labeled “ancient grains,” their names roll off your tongue like poetry: emmer, farro, spelt, teff, quinoa, einkorn, Kamut®, amaranth, freekeh, millet. They … Read More

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Foraging From the Forest Floor: A Life in Mycology

I’ve always been more of a wild mushroom alarmist than aficionado, despite hearing about the delectable porcini, chanterelles and morels in Idaho forests. The cure to my mushroom cowardice arrived recently in the petite and energetic person of Hope Miller, a mushroom expert, who lives in McCall. She and her late husband, Orson Miller, have been international forces in the world of mycology for 45 years.

Photo by Guy Hand

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The Tomato Independence Project

Biting into a rich, local tomato is a delicious experience, but how many of us actually savor this simple pleasure? A startling fact is that Idaho imports approximately 95% of its food; so in reality, not many of us get to enjoy tomatoes grown in Idaho. Most of our produce in stores comes from out of state, products of efficient and large-scale farming that are bred to be durable, but … Read More

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Reserve a Slice of Summer

A list of southwestern Idaho farms that are running CSA subscriptions in 2013.

Photo by Guy Hand

While we wait impatiently for the season of fresh, sun-warmed fruits and vegetables, there is something we can do now to prepare for summer’s delicious bounty: buy a share from a local CSA farm. A flourishing of community-supported gardens has made fresh and local food more accessible than ever in southwestern Idaho.

Community … Read More

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