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The Slow-Cooker Model: Life’s Kitchen helps at-risk teens learn life skills

By Jessica Murri

Photo by Patrick Sweeney.

When Joe Love stepped into Life’s Kitchen at age 17, he was a self-described “bad kid.” Juvenile detention was his second home, drugs were his pastime, he broke into houses for fun and his mother was at the end of her rope. That was back in 2004.

“I started from the bottom, just washing dishes, working until 1am just to keep up, coming … Read More

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The Year of the Goat: Sustainable farming, Teton Valley style

By Christina Shepherd McGuire

Photo by Camrin Dengel.

“I wanted to be part of the community … and bring back the skill of cheesemaking,” said Ray. “Like in any industry, the artisanal little guy is coming back.”

And that’s an understatement. Goat dairies are popping up like weeds in the Teton Valley, second only to backyard chickens. Each year, a new purveyor peddles their prized chèvres and aged goat cheeses … Read More

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Idaho Cherries: Delicate and delectable—and in season

Photo by Jamie Truppi.

Every June, I anticipate the arrival of one of Idaho’s first ripe fruits: cherries.

Growing up in Boise, I plucked fresh cherries from my grandmother’s huge tree and reveled in her cherry syrup. I drizzled it on biscuits and pancakes, and used to sneak into the kitchen for small sips of syrup when Grams wasn’t looking. I always associated perfect cherries with my grandmother’s green thumb, … Read More

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North End Organic Nursery: Bringing the garden back to Garden City

Photo by Guy Hand.

On a sunny spring afternoon, both Chinden Boulevard and the North End Organic Nursery were undergoing frenzied construction, the smells of fresh asphalt and organic fertilizer mixing into a pungent brew. While vested workers directed cars around a maze of orange cones, NEON owner and store manager Lindsay Schramm directed an army of employees to stock shelves, tend plant starts and shovel giant mounds of garden … Read More

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