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A New Life for Old Seed: Building a Market for Ancient Grains

Photo by Bob Vestal.

Glorious, golden grain is waving again over much of Idaho this fall. Of the 50 states, Idaho is number six in wheat production, number three in barley. But one class of grains is barely present, despite growing demand across the U.S.

Popularly labeled “ancient grains,” their names roll off your tongue like poetry: emmer, farro, spelt, teff, quinoa, einkorn, Kamut®, amaranth, freekeh, millet. They … Read More

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Farm to Market: Homestead renaissance along a mountain road

Photo by Casey O’Leary.

The small mountain town of McCall boasts a twice-per-week farmers market, something even the relative metropolis of Boise hasn’t been able to sustain. “The locals come on Wednesdays and the tourists come on Saturdays,” said Patsy Kelley, who’s been selling there for 25 years.

Perusing the tented smorgasbord, set against the stunning backdrop of Payette Lake, savvy shoppers will notice that most of the vendors hail … Read More

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Photo courtesy of Backyard Harvest.

Sharing the Wealth, and Health: Backyard Harvest puts surplus food where it’s needed

By Mina Ashkannejhad

Photo courtesy of Backyard Harvest.

We all know that we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Better yet? Make them organic and local.

We proudly carry our woven baskets to the farmers market each week and happily fork over $6 for a pint of raspberries, $4 for a pound of tomatoes, $10 here, $6 there until we have enough produce … Read More

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Hands-On Harvest: Teaching families farm skills in Twin Falls

By Shelley McEuen

Photo by Ben Lustig.

It was 10am on a Saturday and I’d already been chased by a turkey. Roaming around the front yard of the Tubbs’ Farm School, the enthusiastic fowl served as an unlikely greeter at the Twin Falls home of Kirk and Heidi Tubbs, where eight families would soon arrive for class.

“He won’t hurt you!” shouted Kirk with a grin.

Two families, also avoiding … Read More

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