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Early to Rise: Both Baker and Baked Goods Start Early in McCall

Photo by Linda Whittig.

The oven at Evening Rise Bread Co. is a sight to behold. Encased in worn red brick, the 120-square-foot steam-injected deck oven looks like something you’d find humming in a small European village. Though it was built to run on wood, the oven was converted to propane once it arrived in McCall, where it has been churning out loaves for the last 14 years.

“It’s an … Read More

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Farmer, Teacher, Visionary: A portrait of local food activist Janie Burns

Photos by Bob Vestal and Jyl Hoyt.

A cacophony of sights, sounds and rich earthy smells greets the visitor to Meadowlark Farms. Owner Janie Burns’ border collies scoot around the yard while lovely Australorp black hens strut alongside less attractive naked-neck chickens scratching at the ground, pecking bugs in the dirt.

In a nearby field, Toulouse-cross geese make a ceaseless racket. Amidst all the bathing, honking and barking, a sense … Read More

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Spring planting advice from a local farmer

Illustration by Felicia Weston.

For gardeners old and new, the first sunny days of spring incite an industrious fervor that can border on insanity. If ever there was a way to bite off more than you can chew, it’s planting a garden after a long winter’s amnesia. Weeds? What are those? Canning? It’s heaven on Earth!

So before you rip up half your lawn and start buying seeds, and your … Read More

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Fizzy Rizza: Coiled Wines releases sparkling Riesling

Photo by Guy Hand.

The only thing that sparkled more than Coiled Wines’ Rizza at its debut party in December was winemaker Leslie Preston. And it wasn’t just her sequined dress. It had been a crazy few months for Preston and she had every reason to shine. Preston nailed her first attempt at making a sparkling Riesling utilizing méthode champenoise, the arduous and expensive process whereby wine undergoes a secondary … Read More

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