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New York is an Edible Feast

Photo by Annie Fenn

Photo by Annie Fenn

Last week Annie Fenn, author of the blog “Jackson Hole Foodie“, traveled to NYC to attend Edible Institute—a two-day gathering of the local food movement’s thinkers, writers and producers. We wanted to share an excerpt from her experience of the event.

“Last week I traveled to New York City to attend Edible Institute—a two-day gathering of the local food movement’s thinkers, writers and producers. I managed to meet more than a few of my food heroes—people like Mark Bittman, Marion Nestle, and Gabrielle Hamilton—and did my best to nibble and feast my way through the city.… Read More

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Chef Abby’s Spring Cover Recipe

Our Spring Cover

Our Spring Cover

The provocative beet salad on our cover is the crafty handiwork of Chef Abby Carlson. Let’s face it beets aren’t fighting for the most popular vegetable spot. These rat-tailed roots provoke more winces than smiles.  However, some clever infusing with lemon, cinnamon and peppercorn transform them into ruby gems. As Carlson explains, “By the spring, [beets] are probably one of those worn out vegetables that have graced your plate one too many times.“  Don’t let the list of ingredients or the number of steps deter you. The brilliance of Carlson’s recipe is that the spices in the spiced yogurt can also be used as a rub for meat or poultry and the spiced yogurt itself, bedazzles ordinary fish or steamed vegetables.… Read More

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Welcome to Edible Idaho South

The Winter issue of Edible Idaho South

With the first issue of Edible Idaho South—and the help of a talented team of Idaho-based writers and photographers—we plan to explore this vast, if loosely defined region called Southern Idaho, its farmers, vintners, brew masters, chefs, hunters, anglers and food artisans of all types.

It’s a group who fervently cares about how food is grown, how it is prepared, how it tastes, how its very existence impacts us all.

Casey O’Leary, in her “Seedy Confessions” piece for the first issue, describes how she evolved from seed catalog addict, to conservationist, preserving seeds from her own plants that grow on her Earthly Delights farm.… Read More

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Edible Idaho South Debuts on Radio Boise

The December Cover

Listen To The Interview

Edible Idaho South is a new publication celebrating the abundance of local food, season by season. Edible Idaho South magazine and website launch in December of 2012. The magazine is a beautiful insight into our local Southern Idaho food shed, connecting us to the people who produce this diverse abundance. Edible Idaho South will offer content on everything from farming and ranching, hunting and angling, beer and wine-making and all culinary pursuits in between.  And, knowing Guy Hand, there will also be some delicious photography that may tempt you to lick the page.

Claudia Sanchez Mahedy

Claudia Sanchez Mahedy is the Editor and Publisher of Edible Idaho South.… Read More

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