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A’ Tavola: Love and Family in the Kitchen

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Photo by Guy Hand

As the red and green of the winter holidays fade away, imagine those colors coming back into focus as slices of green and red jalapeños in the kitchen of A’Tavola Gourmet Marketplace and Café in Boise. These vibrant ingredients sit in large mixing bowls waiting for A’Tavola’s owner, Lisa Peterson, to gently press them into glass jars for pickling. 

Peterson works off an old family recipe she’s stored on her smartphone while her father, Robert Rodriguez, mans the stove to heat a vinegary pickling mixture that is poured into these jars. Over time, the jalapeños’ spicy crunch will be transformed into the soft, sweet-and-sour tang of bread-and-butter-style peppers. … Read More

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Good Asparagus Hunting

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Photo by Guy Hand

In 1993, my Aunt Patsy introduced this former city girl to the sport of asparagus hunting. We left her house on a cloudy spring evening and started what was to be my “maiden search” through the farmlands near Twin Falls. Time seemed to stand still as we hunted with Patsy’s three dogs following along behind us. It started to rain, but the minute we talked about going back, we’d see a few more stalks luring us to continue down the old country road. Euell Gibbons was right in using the term “stalking” to describe the hunt in his 1962 book Stalking the Wild Asparagus.Read More

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A First Sip of Spring: Rhubarb


Photo by Guy Hand

Long before the first bluebird sighting, the first local asparagus, or the first of the wild morels to quietly materialize along the Snake River, we have rhubarb.

Here at the base of the Tetons, rhubarb is the first sign of spring. It makes its appearance in late April when the winter storms are still rolling through. By mid-May, the sour, blushing stalks are tall enough to harvest even though the garden is still covered in snow.

Growing up, there was always a rhubarb plant growing wildly in the field out back. As kids, we must have learned that the leaves are poisonous; we’d tear the stalks from the ground and yield them, leafy-end first, like swords.… Read More

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Chicken Curry Warms the Soul

A trip to India couldn’t be easier. This Indian twist on a family staple, chicken brings the exotic flavors of fenugreek, garam masala and cumin to your kitchen. I asked my friend, Jyotika Bahree to share a recipe from her native India. She sent me the following that I pass on to you. Don’t be intimidated by the list of ingredients. as a they are readily available at a well stocked supermarket like the Boise Coop, Whole Foods or Atkinson’s in Ketchum. I am sure that this too will become a favorite in your home.

Inspired by The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard Morais (reviewed in Edible Idaho South’s Spring 2013 issue), this special dish was often prepared by my mother for a weekend meal in Delhi, though hers was usually made in brown gravy with tomatoes.Read More

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