Cornapolooza: The Wonder of Corn Mazes

Photos courtesy of Jim Lowe.

Amused by lofty royals challenging themselves to find their way out, European palace gardeners created confusing mazes of stone or hedge. The royals loved the puzzle of it which naturally spread to the commoners. Mazes became prominent in public parks. Contemplative labyrinths on church grounds were believed to calm the soul during life’s transitions with the idea that once the center was found , the … Read More

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Changes Afoot in Hops

Photo by Guy Hand.

The hop fields of Wilder are being turned upside down. Two men stand in the bed of a truck and hang long 20-foot plants upside down on overhead hooks. Swags of leaves and lighter-green flower clusters fly above me. A wrist flick sends another up a metal track to join the parade to the top of a green metal-clad building that rumbles with inner machinery. There, … Read More

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Idaho Finds: Bellevue General Store

Time after time I’ve driven through Bellevue and wondered about that eclectic log furniture store with the emblematic old farm truck. It was the roadside attraction I’d always meant to check out. Then, last summer, I noticed a new series of weathered signs that read: “Fresh eggs. Honey. Homemade bread.” I needed nothing more.

Once inside, I was struck by one of my favorite smells: freshly baked cinnamon rolls. But … Read More

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Idaho Finds: BuckSnort Craft-Brewed Soda

Kainoa Lopez remembers visiting the old barn on Oahu where his great-grandfather made fresh, tropical fruit sodas. His family sold the soda company before Kainoa was old enough to remember the brewing process, but he fondly remembers the abandoned equipment and dusty old bottles. In 2009, he began brewing natural sodas using fresh, seasonal and often local ingredients. Hawaiian names didn’t seem to fit for an Idaho-based company, so he … Read More

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