Pan de Higo: A Perfect Match for Figgy Pudding

Photo by Guy Hand.

It smelled like Christmas: fragrant figs being mixed with holiday spices, nuts and sweet sherry.

Inside his parents’ kitchen, Sean Aucutt was up to his elbows in a mixing bowl filled with sticky batter, while his mom and dad, Mary K and Tom, heated up honey, uncorked sherry and retrieved handpicked grape leaves.

These combined efforts and ingredients would soon yield a festive family tradition: Pan Read More

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Bottle Babies: Idaho Start-Ups Catching Whiskey Wave

Photo by Guy Hand.

I’m an unlikely candidate to write an article on whiskey. I’m not a whiskey drinker, let alone a connoisseur. I’m even confused by the spelling. Is it whiskey or whisky? But it seems like everywhere I turn, someone is talking about this trendy brown booze, and I wanted to know why.

Tackling the spelling question first, apparently producers from the United States and Ireland tend to … Read More

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For the Love of Quinoa: Andean grain finds a home in the Tetons

Photo by Geno Forsythe.

My first memorable taste of quinoa was years before it became America’s latest food trend. An Ecuadorian farmer handed me a bowl of bean and quinoa soup as I passed through her village on the way to climb the 15,695-foot volcano Guagua Pichincha.

While the just-harvested fava beans floating in the golden broth drew me in, it was the quinoa—delightfully chewy and crunchy at the same … Read More

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Recipe for Radiance

Photo by Guy Hand.

When a dermatologist looking at a mystifying rash gave me the surprising diagnosis of Rosacea, suggesting lifelong antibiotics and topical creams, and every article I read advised the avoidance of sun, wind, heat, cold, exercise, stress, spicy foods, cheeses, sweets and any other type of pleasure, I knew that just wasn’t going to work for me.

Dozens of research hours later, I learned that my (voluntary) … Read More

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