Making It: Food Entrepreneurs Get Boost from U of I Tech Center

Photo by Ariel Agenbroad.

It’s 10am on a Tuesday morning and from the parking lot it smells like a Missouri-sized barbecue contest. But next to the large, nondescript industrial building a few blocks off the main drag in Caldwell, there are no trailers emblazoned with sunglass-wearing hogs, no trash-talking bearded men hefting spice-rubbed pork shoulder, no gleaming stainless steel smokers.

Inside, however, there is a bearded man, in a beard

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Fowl Fare: Local Duck Wranglers Find Eager Buyers

Photo by Laurie Pearman.

At a Pilgrimage to Canterbury–themed feast hosted by Nancy Parker, owner of Blessed Earth Herb Farm and member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, plates were piled high with root vegetables, stewed fruit with cream and glistening, roasted duck. But once the goblets were drained and the dishes cleared, Parker’s taste for duck hadn’t been sated.

In order to save money, Parker had raised ducks for … Read More

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Walnut Alchemy: Simple Steps Create Bold Italian Liqueur

Photo by Tara Morgan.

On a midsummer amble thorough Boise’s North End I paused under a leafy walnut canopy. The branches were drooping with dozens of bumpy green orbs that were on their way to becoming bitter black walnuts.

Plucking one from the tree and turning it over in my hand—breathing in the pungent, Pine Sol-y smell—I remembered an article I’d read on nocino, an Italian liqueur made from unripe … Read More

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Pan de Higo: A Perfect Match for Figgy Pudding

Photo by Guy Hand.

It smelled like Christmas: fragrant figs being mixed with holiday spices, nuts and sweet sherry.

Inside his parents’ kitchen, Sean Aucutt was up to his elbows in a mixing bowl filled with sticky batter, while his mom and dad, Mary K and Tom, heated up honey, uncorked sherry and retrieved handpicked grape leaves.

These combined efforts and ingredients would soon yield a festive family tradition: Pan Read More

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