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Hands-On Harvest: Teaching families farm skills in Twin Falls

By Shelley McEuen

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Photo by Ben Lustig.

It was 10am on a Saturday and I’d already been chased by a turkey. Roaming around the front yard of the Tubbs’ Farm School, the enthusiastic fowl served as an unlikely greeter at the Twin Falls home of Kirk and Heidi Tubbs, where eight families would soon arrive for class.

“He won’t hurt you!” shouted Kirk with a grin.

Two families, also avoiding the turkey, followed me through the front door into the spacious dining room. There, a large wooden table was covered with leaves, seeds, plastic planters and buckets full of fragrant soil.… Read More

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Fresh Catch: Chandlers hooks high-end seafood from Hawaii and Alaska

Photo by Guy Hand.

Photo by Guy Hand.

With a delicate swipe, Chef Luis Flores slid his slender 10-inch fillet knife under the grey skin of a massive slab of fresh tuna. The fish skin fell off like a pearly wrapper, leaving a stunning ruby-hued hunk of sushi-grade ahi on the cutting board.

“This knife has been my friend for the last 10 years,” said Flores, who moved to Boise from California a decade ago to become the executive chef at Chandlers Steakhouse.

The 17-pound ahi, a name that refers to both the bigeye and yellowfin tuna species, had been flown in the night before from the Honolulu Fish Auction in Hawaii.… Read More

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Idaho’s Fruit Doctor: Esmaeil “Essie” Fallahi talks fruit and climate change

Article by Jessica Murri

Photo by Guy Hand.

Photo by Guy Hand.

Where once there was a plain of empty farmland now grow orchards full of fruit, nut trees and exotic berries. It’s taken Esmaeil “Essie” Fallahi, PhD, 26 years to transform the 200 acres of farmland in Parma, where he serves as professor and director of the Pomology program of the University of Idaho’s Research and Extension Center.

Reporter Jessica Murri recently got the chance to spend an afternoon on the phone with him, learning about his past, his passions and his current projects.

Throughout his research, Fallahi has confronted challenges facing Idaho fruit-growers and cultivated a variety of grapes and berries not typically grown in the state.… Read More

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Fishing the Redband: How to hook a native redband trout


troutWater flowed freely between two car-sized boulders, delivering a steady stream into a deep pool carved into the rocks below. The pool wasn’t quite eight feet across, but it was nearly 10 feet deep. Large sheets of granite lay across much of the stream and sheltered it from the blazing sun above, keeping the water cool and hiding unknown treasures in its dark waters.

On a boulder near the pool, my buddy Ryan McDaniel was lying on his side and casting his fly rod. A short burst of line shot from his Depression-era bamboo rod, which he whipped back and forth until the correct amount of line had been expended and the correct distance had been reached.… Read More

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